Set a Date and Time:

Determine a suitable date and time for the cremation service and be sure to consider the family and friends who have to travel from out of town.


Location is next when planning a cremation service, and Cremation Specialists of Virginia serves all of Virginia from York County to Alexandria.  We will customize a cremation service to specifically fit your needs and wants.


Compile a guest list of family and friends to attend the cremation service and send out the invitations. Be sure not to forget anyone close to the deceased by staying organized and taking your time.


Make sure the cremation service is personalized to fit the deceased. Make sure the service is a reflection of whom this person was and especially how they will be remembered.

Receive Input:

Get input from those closest to the deceased, to provide ideas for what should be incorporated in the service to create a very personal and memorable cremation service.


Arrange for guest speakers to speak at the cremation service that can share personal perspectives and stories on the deceased’s life and legacy being left behind.   

Ask for Help:

Last but definitely not least do not be afraid to ask for help if needed. Here at the Cremation Specialists of Virginia we know all to well that sometimes planning a cremation service can be overwhelming, so do not be afraid to ask friends and family to help with the planning of the services. 

You may also want to consider our pre-planning services for yourself or other loved ones at a time when you can think clearly and in the comfort of your own home.