About Cremation


What is cremation?

    • Cremation is the process of reducing the body to ashes and bone fragments by use of an intense heat. Depending on the body size, the cremation process can take 2-4 hours to complete. Cremated remains will usually weigh three to nine pounds. Depending on the fuel and temperature, the remains are usually a light grey and white color.
Is a casket required for cremation?
    • No. A casket is not necessary. Many crematories do require that the body be enclosed in a rigid, combustible container. Federal regulations mandate that all mortuaries must make an inexpensive container available to their customers. Customers are allowed to furnish their own container if they wish.
Is embalming required for cremation?
    • No, embalming is not required.
Is cremation more affordable than a traditional burial?
Do I have to hire an undertaker?
    • Most states allow you to obtain necessary death certificates and permits for transit and disposition yourself. You should check with your chosen crematory to see if they will accept the body directly from the family. Some crematories only work with funeral homes. Cremation Specialists of Virginia….
Do I have to buy an urn for the ashes?
    • No, however some cemeteries have certain guidelines for cremated remains that are being buried or placed on their grounds. It is important to contact the cemetery and learn about their burial guidelines before making plans.
Can I have a viewing and a cremation?
    • Yes. Cremation is just a process that prepares the body for final disposition but a viewing, memorial service, wake, or private gathering of family and friends is very appropriate to remember your loved one.
Who can authorize a cremation?
    • Depending on where you live the next-of-kin such as the spouse, children, or siblings can make arrangements for cremation. In other areas a cousin or a friend can make these arrangements. Your licensed cremation provider can provide the legal answer to this question as they are familiar with state laws regarding cremation.
If I am an organ donor, can my body still be cremated?
    • Yes cremation is still an option even if you are a organ donor.
What can be done with cremated remains?
Do funeral homes offer cremation services?
    • Not all funeral homes offer cremation services.
What are some reasons that people choose cremation over burial?
    • Cremation is chosen for many personal reasons, but many people choose cremation for financial reasons and because of the simplicity of cremation.